Mrs. Powell told me I was smart (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Tanner told me I talked too much, but one day my words would inspire others (4th grade)

Mrs. Nash told me I was a leader (5th grade)

Mrs. Warren told me I had potential to make a difference in the world (5th grade)

Mrs. Cannon told me to strive for perfection (6th grade)

Mrs. Hicks told me she needed my best effort everyday (8th grade)

Mrs. Dent told me I didn’t a choice and she was only accepting excellence (7th grade)

Mr. Mouton told me to always smile because happiness is contagious (8th grade)

Mrs. Stephens told me she demanded 100% every day and that failure was not an option (9th grade)

Coach Wilkins told me yesterday was yesterday, I need to have an impact today (11th grade)

Mr. Blanchard told me to always be on time (10th grade)

Coach Lavergne told me that one day I’ll be a great leader because I knew how to treat and communicate with my teammates. (11th grade)

My teachers told me all of these things, and I believed them.

~ Dr. Marcus Jackson