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By Marcus Jackson, Ed.D.Posted on June 27, 2020To be me is rough, robust, and plenty of other stuff. Even at the reveal party, everyone sighed at the color blue as they knew the hell I'll have to go through. You... Continue Reading →

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Embrace the Struggle, It's Necessary Things often have to fall apart before they can be rebuilt in a much better way. You can't reach a place of a breakthrough without going through a period of breakdown. The main thing to... Continue Reading →

Last week the Deputy Superintendent and I visited an elementary school to discuss a story that aired on the news regarding the support we are providing our new teachers. While exiting the building, then she noticed a potato chip on... Continue Reading →

By Marcus Jackson, July 30, 2022 I know it's Saturday, and we're supposed to be relaxing, but I wanted to share a message with you as we begin the 2022-2023 school year. As a principal, I've had the luxury of... Continue Reading →

Ask any educator and they'll agree that the 2021 - 2022 school year has been the most challenging ever. Students returned face to face and schools encountered a tsunami of social, emotional, and academic challenges. However, despite the chaotic year,... Continue Reading →

Yesterday at the middle school lights and all communication went out. There was no way to communicate, it was dark, and there was no air. A transformer in the neighborhood blew out. The possibility of chaos was high as the... Continue Reading →

Is It that Serious? Keep the Main Thing The Main Thing, Don't Major In the Minor Yesterday I was at Paul Quinn College with 262 seniors. The keynote speaker was an alumnus and had an amazing message for the students.... Continue Reading →

Yesterday I was at Paul Quinn College with 262 seniors. The keynote speaker was an alumnus and had an amazing message for the students. During the speech one of the boys behind me said "man look he has his earrings... Continue Reading →

I support ten elementary schools and observe at least 20 math lessons (grades K-5) per week. This past year, boys have dominated the dialogue and explanation of solving math problems (80% increase in threeyears.) Their articulation and use of academic... Continue Reading →

by Marcus Jackson, Ed. D. Many districts are preparing for the final quarter of the school year. During this time there's a deep analysis of the deficiencies of skills with grade levels, students, and subgroups. Administrators are putting the final... Continue Reading →

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