gettyimages-200193780-001-1024x768Although I’m in a central office position, I observe at least 20 – 30 classrooms a week. I really enjoy supporting teachers, but most importantly, I enjoy sitting with students at their desk and watching them learn. Today after a math lesson on fractions, a lil girl placed all of her manipulatives away and said “Whew!!!!!! Today was AN EXPERIENCE.”

This immediately grabbed my attention, and I asked… What does that mean? She emphatically stated, we did everything! We moved around, we were able to talk, we made mistakes, the teacher allowed us to struggle, we were right at times, and at times we were wrong and he didn’t get mad. This is a safe place because even if you get the answers wrong everybody just keep trying. Our teacher is very demanding, he don’t play, he’s positive, and he’s very encouraging. Today was “An Experience” in Mr. Dotson’s class. I can’t wait to do fractions tomorrow. ~ Erin

Teachers and principals, I have a question for you…. Are your students having “An Experience” in your classroom? Prinicipals are your students having “An Experience” at your school?