As I watched this performance by one of my favorite rappers Big Daddy Kane ( see video below), I was reminded of how schools should operate. As the video began, you can clearly hear each individual instrument as they had a solo (keyboard, drums, guitar, and saxaphone). This reminded me of the importance of everyone’s individual voice. In school, this will be the teachers, administrators, counselor, students, parents, stakeholders, and every staff member.

Secondly, I was reminded of the principal. In this case the artist (rapper) Big Daddy Kane. Like Big Daddy Kane, the principal is the one who’s delivering the message, setting the tone, and ensuring that the rhythm of the school remains in tact. This is done by constantly delivering a message (mission and vision), ensuring that a culture of collaboration is in place, everyone feels important, and most importantly, everyone know their role in the success of the school (song).

Finally, there’s an audience listening to the music you’re playing. They’re clinging on to your every word (message), listening to the beat. (culture of your school), and waiting for and for the opportunity to chime in on their perception of your school. In this case, it was the audience yelling “Ain’t No Half Stepping.” Watching and listening to this video reminded me of school where when it comes to reaching our goal of 100% of our students excelling academically… “Ain’t No Half Stepping.” Enjoy the video.