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  Dear Teacher, I still wake up every morning filled with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm looking forward to seeing you and hearing your voice on my friend's computer or my mama's cell phone. Last week she was at work, and... Continue Reading →

Today I had the luxury of observing the first-grade classroom at a school I support. I was blown away at the level of teaching and learning that occurred. However, I was immediately reminded of two incidents I witnessed in my... Continue Reading →

I recently interviewed students in the schools I serve who went from unsatisfactory on their state assessments to mastery in one year. I asked them how did they improve so much? What were some key factors to their improvement? Having... Continue Reading →

As we resume school after winter break, we are three months away before state testing, As this shift, begins, I am reminded of a common concern I heard from many of my principals during their mid-year review. That concern was... Continue Reading →

As a principal, you inherit every problem of the world every day and you’re expected to do this without any mistakes and a smile. This is an enormous challenge, however, you do it well. I just wanted to drop a... Continue Reading →

Thursday morning, one of my third-grade students raced into my office after morning announcements - "Dr. J, Dr. J, Dr. J, I had a five yesterday on my behavior report! Are you proud of me?" Sure, I replied! Keep up... Continue Reading →

by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D. Posted October 9, 2019 Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some phenomenal teachers. I’ve seen that kindergarten teacher whose students entered school not knowing their name and alphabet but left knowing how to write.... Continue Reading →

Posted on September 28, 2019, by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D. While attending a recent high school game, I witnessed something fascinating for us all. It's being asked out on a date. During halftime, one of the football players approached a cheerleader with... Continue Reading →

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D. When I played high school and college basketball, I was the point guard. This position required me to be the leader on the team. During the game, I corrected mistakes on... Continue Reading →

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