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Being introduced to your new staff can be a very anxious, exciting, and nerve wrecking moment. However, knowing what to say, how to say it, and how long the message should be is critical as every word will be dissected. I’ve had the luxury... Continue Reading →

Being a principal is a very demanding job. Every principal will face frustrating moments, seemingly impossible deadlines, and will be expected to overcome enormous obstacles. However, in my experience as a principal at all levels, there are “10 Daily Essentials... Continue Reading →

Turning around a low performing school is a monumental challenge. It is a challenge that is filled with failure, one that will be met with much resistance, and an experience that will be very uncomfortable. However, it is something than... Continue Reading →

A group of male students were discussing education after school. I wanted to chime in, but I decided not to as I didn't want to infringe on their honesty. However, I was excited when they called me over as they... Continue Reading →

There are few terms more batted about the world of education quite like "feedback". We look for feedback from mentors and administrators, we give feedback to other teachers and students and, if we're lucky, the feedback we give and receive... Continue Reading →

  I just had an opportunity to watch an interview with the head coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills. He spoke about the turmoil and friction amongst the team and how disconnected they were from one another. He then... Continue Reading →

If you're an educator, it's typical for your mind to start racing on Sundays as you think about the great lessons planned for the week, hoping and wishing the weekend wasn't a traumatic one for your students, and just simply... Continue Reading →

  I have always struggled in school. I was a premature baby,  my mom is struggling, we're poor, and I just have a lot going on, but I passed the test last year. Every since kindergarten, I've always failed those... Continue Reading →

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