As we celebrate the second day of Teacher Appreciation I would like to take a minute to highlight the teachers in the twelve schools I support. We’ve been through so much here in Lake Charles, but our teacher’s hard work, dedication, and commitment should be commended. Many are living in their garage, homes are still damaged from the two hurricanes and the ice storm. Yet, they show up every day to ensure their students receive high-quality instruction.

I’ve been there with them through the pain, stress, dealing with grief from losing loved ones to COVID. However, they are not only SURVIVING but THRIVING. We plan for hours to meet the need of every child.
I’m sharing this chart with everyone to see how well our children are doing despite the pandemic, two hurricanes, and an ice storm. Only an eight percent failure rate ( our goal is to have none). Here are the grades of students from K-8 for the first nine weeks (remember we missed the first 6-9 weeks) due to hurricanes Laura & Delta.

Grades 3-8
Yellow – A’s
Blue – B’s
Green – C’s
Orange – D’s
Red – F’s

Gray – Outstanding
Blue – Satisfactory
Black – Unsatisfactory

Every test, task, or quiz is approved by the administrative team and content specialists to ensure its rigorous and aligned with the standards. I just wanted to share with you how well our teachers are delivering instruction and how great the students are responding. To the teachers, I support and all teachers that are surviving and thriving, YOU ARE APPRECIATE. Enjoy your day.