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Posted on September 28, 2019, by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D. While attending a recent high school game, I witnessed something fascinating for us all. It's being asked out on a date. During halftime, one of the football players approached a cheerleader with... Continue Reading →

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D. When I played high school and college basketball, I was the point guard. This position required me to be the leader on the team. During the game, I corrected mistakes on... Continue Reading →

Posted on Augst 1, 2019 by Marcus Jackson A mentor of mine, Dr. Chike Akua, states that rules without a relationship equals rebellion. In a day and age of accountability we've become programmed to immediately begin at the cognitive domain... Continue Reading →

Posted on July 5, 2019 by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D © 2019 It's July and that's an indicator that many districts will be receiving their results from the state assessments taken in the spring. Unfortunately, for many principals and teachers, this is... Continue Reading →

by Marcus Jackson, Ed.D Posted March 27, 2019 I'm sorry for not listening, but I didn't understand what you were saying. I've never been to pre-K or daycare. So I don't understand sit down, criss cross applesauce, or what it... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Powell told me I was smart (2nd Grade) Mrs. Tanner told me I talked too much, but one day my words would inspire others (4th grade) Mrs. Nash told me I was a leader (5th grade) Mrs. Warren told... Continue Reading →

Although I'm in a central office position, I observe at least 20 - 30 classrooms a week. I really enjoy supporting teachers, but most importantly, I enjoy sitting with students at their desk and watching them learn. Today after a... Continue Reading →

As I watched this performance by one of my favorite rappers Big Daddy Kane ( see video below), I was reminded of how schools should operate. As the video began, you can clearly hear each individual instrument as they had... Continue Reading →

by Marcus Jackson on September 23, 2018 I grew up in an era where certain behaviors were not tolerated. Behaviors such as: interrupting adults while they were talking, rolling your eyes, smacking your teeth, not responding when an adult is speaking to you,... Continue Reading →

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