Last weekend I took a mini-vacation and it ended up not only being a vacation but an interesting experience. While hanging out after dinner with my cousin in the foyers social area we began to dance as we had music with us. It didn’t take long before all eyes were on us. It appeared as if everyone wanted to join us as we played a variety of music. When we played “Tennessee Whiskey” the place went wild as they were bewildered by our playing of the song. However, they couldn’t resist and join the party when we played “Staying Alive.”

When everyone came over it wasn’t long to realize that most of the husbands stayed behind. After a few line dances my cousin invited the husbands over. We gave fist bumps, sat down, and began discussing sports. Though, one of the husbands was speechless and in awe. We eventually asked him was everything okay? He responded “I’ve never been around a black person, I’ve never been this close to a black person, we fist-bumped and this is the first time I’ve touched a black person, I’ve never talked to a black person, and I hate black people. I’m a racist, my dad taught me to hate black people (I couldn’t help but respect that he admitted this.). Quickly, my cousin touched me which hesitated my response. As a minister, he immediately went into a pastor role and began ministering to him about hate.

Immediately, after their session, the two returned to the group. The two sat next to me. This is where he began talking about everything his dad taught him.

Black Male Stereotypes
*They are violent

  • They are uneducated
  • They run, jump, & are strong
  • They leave their families
  • They sell drugs and rap

Female Stereotypes

  • They have attitudes
  • Their kids have multiple fathers
  • They love to twerk
  • They are on welfare
  • They are after men for their money

After schooling this forty-year-old man on how oblivious he was and how he has been misguided in regards to blacks you can see the life leave his body. Additionally, he nearly became unconscious when he asked me what did I do and was I educated? After my cousin and I answered these questions he became irate and said ” F this! My dad lied to me my entire life. I wish he was here. Matter of fact, I will call him now.” After reaching his dad, he eventually went outside as his dad become loud and angry (we could hear him) that he was talking to, close to, and he fist-bumped a black man.

Once he returned he was furious in tears and apologized. For the remainder of the trip, every time we crossed paths, we stopped, talked, laughed, and discussed what was our plans for the day. This dialogue ended with an invitation to visit their town, which doesn’t have any blacks.

This interaction with this racist reminded me of three things and a question: 1) racism is a learned behavior; 2) how screwed up and mindless adults are; 3) music will bring people together, and 4) what did your parents teach you about other races and racism?