It’s going to be a great day! Remember, small daily improvements, over time, lead to stunning results. Enjoy today’s leadership minute…

The time to think about your legacy and how you want to be remembered is not on your last day, but now. That way you can live your life backward and make certain that you have a good ending.

The goal is not so much about becoming a better person. You’re actually perfect just the way you are. The real mission is about remembering rather than improving. Let me explain. You’re perfect the way you are. Self-leadership isn’t about improving, because there’s nothing really wrong with you. It’s more about remembering. Remembering your inner leader and then making your relationship with it stronger each day. Self-leadership has so much to do with simply reconnecting to the person you once were–to your true nature.

Greatness is an inner event with outer consequences.

Every single one of us alive today has greatness within. We have talents and potential that, if mined, would allow us to shine at extraordinary. You, me, and all the people we surround ourselves with have been built to lead and made for stunning success. But because we’ve been brainwashed into doubting our magnificence and taught to stay small versus dream big, we’ve lost a sense of who we truly are. We really have disconnected with our essential nature. We’ve buried our best underneath layers of insecurity, doubt, and fear. You were born awesome. Own that truth!

Self Leadership IVYou need to know how very important your thinking is. Your thinking creates your reality. You’re bound to get more of what you focus on. And your thoughts drive your actions. What holds us back in leadership and in life are not the external realities but our internal patterns of thought and the way we then behave in the face of those conditions. You need to shed your failure programs. Real leadership involves breaking through the limits of your mind so you can step into the highest strengths of your spirit.

The great leader Gandhi said it so well when he noted, “I will not allow others to walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” So any time your mind shifts into negative thinking, gently guide it back to thoughts that will support your commitment to show leadership and pure excellence. Don’t forget that we never act in a way that is inconsistent with the way we see ourselves.

Dream humongous,

Marcus Jackson, Ed.D.