As a principal, you inherit every problem of the world every day and you’re expected to do this without any mistakes and a smile. This is an enormous challenge, however, you do it well. I just wanted to drop a message to all school administrators and let you know that “You Are Making a Difference!” You may not see it, but you are.

You Are Making a Difference

You are making a difference! In spite of being weary at times, in spite of making many mistakes, and in spite of enormous challenges you encounter daily, you are making a difference!

It’s going to be a great day! Albert Einstein once wrote: “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds.” Enjoy today’s leadership lesson…

Leadership is about having unshakeable faith in your vision and unrelenting confidence in your power to make positive change happen. It’s impossible to build a tribute to success on a foundation of excuses.

The 4 Natural Powers:

  1. Every one of us alive at this moment has the power to go to work each day and express the Absolute Best within us.
  2. Every one of us alive today has the power to inspire, influence, and elevate each person we meet by the gift of a great example.
  3. Every one of us alive with life can passionately drive positive change in the face of negative conditions.
  4. Every one of us alive to the truth about leadership can treat all shareholders with respect, appreciation, and kindness– and in so doing raise the organization’s culture to the best of the breed.

The best way for you to get to your next level of excellence in your work isn’t by some revolutionary idea or some radical initiative. Great careers and great businesses are built by evolution. By slow and steady improvements that actually don’t look like much when you view them in isolation. But over time, these small, incremental, evolutionary improvements amount to massive gains. Daily ripples of superior performance add up over time to a tidal wave of outrageous success. Please remember that getting to your leadership best comes down to simply doing a few smart moves each day that stack up to an unimaginable achievement over a period of time.

This bears repeating: Small daily improvements, over time, lead to stunning results. I call it the Multiplier Effect. Doing intelligent little acts each and every day accelerates with time to an unimaginable state of success.

In the new world of business, the riskiest place you can be is trying to do the same things in the same way as you’ve always done them. Few things are as foolish as hoping old behaviors will somehow present new results. The starting point of moving to mastery is to raise the expectations you set for yourself. Expect more from yourself than anyone around you could ever expect from you.

As comedian Steve Martin says, “Be so good that people cannot ignore you.” Have a great day!

Dream enormous,


Marcus Jackson, Ed.D