by Dr. Marcus Jackson Posted on April 18, 2018

Yesterday I observed the best lesson I’ve ever seen as a teacher or administrator. The lesson was on, “Failure, Adversity, and Resiliency.” To begin the lesson, the teacher reviewed the objective and the meaning of the words. Secondly,  she began a series of historical reviews and videos that included David & Goliath, Nelson Mandela,Tuskegee Airmen, Civil Rights Movement, and a clip from NC State’s miraculous run to the NCAA Championship.

Next,  she placed the class in groups where they participated in a variety of stations with tasks that were impossible to complete. I watched the students control their emotions,  assist one another when a group member became frustrated, discussed strategies, and say “I’m coming back to this one” when it was time to move to the next station.

Finally,  time was up and it was time to go to lunch.  By this time, the students were immersed in failure. They literally failed the entire class, walked out of class excited about it, and couldn’t wait to return the next day to try again. In an era where everyone gets a trophy, the entire family is at the school to argue with the coach if their child doesn’t make the team, and a simple “No” can send a child in a state of depression, it was great to see kids persevere through adversity. This is a lesson that should be taught at home and school. As an administrator, I walked away almost in tears knowing .these students were not afraid a failure,  equipped emotionally to deal with adversity, and had the resiliency to look forward to trying next time. What an awesome lesson!