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I support ten elementary schools and observe at least 20 math lessons (grades K-5) per week. This past year, boys have dominated the dialogue and explanation of solving math problems (80% increase in threeyears.) Their articulation and use of academic... Continue Reading →

by Marcus Jackson, Ed. D. Many districts are preparing for the final quarter of the school year. During this time there's a deep analysis of the deficiencies of skills with grade levels, students, and subgroups. Administrators are putting the final... Continue Reading →

By Marcus Jackson, Ed.D. While engaging in dialogue with a group of educational leaders, I was asked the question: What Do With Kids Who Are Consistently Misbehaving? Without hesitation, I responded I give them 6 L's. Everyone stopped and turned... Continue Reading →

Well, the New Year is upon us which signifies the beginning of the second half of the school year. As a former basketball player, during halftime, my coach would always stress how important the first five minutes of the second... Continue Reading →

Upon entering a school I support, I noticed an irate black male student who was completely tuned out and ignoring everyone. I gently walked up to the young brother and said "Hello my name is Dr. Jackson but most people... Continue Reading →

This week I was acting principal at a school I support. I had an awesome time connecting and chatting with the students. But something magical happened. When one of the Black Male students passed by me, I stopped him and... Continue Reading →

By: Dr. Marcus Jackson August 29, 2021 As a new principal, I would always take the staff to the gym to do an activity that involved shooting basketball and the importance of differentiated instructional strategies when planning to meet the... Continue Reading →

Today I sat in a professional development session on virtual learning to conduct a needs assessment and it turned into a "How" session. Let me explain. Within the first 10 minutes of the session, the participants asked the facilitator a... Continue Reading →

As we approach the month of July, school districts and principals are fine-tuning their District and School Improvement Plans. These plans consist of a plethora of quantitative data analyses from the school year. However, now more than ever, it's important... Continue Reading →

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